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It's probably needless to say that university work has taken up my life these past few weeks.

However, one of my projects is self-promotion - which means some changes will be happening around here in the coming weeks! Watch this space... ;)



Wow, it's been a super long time since I last posted here - so here's a little update of what I've been hiding away working on for the last couple of months. The coming semester (my last ever!) is going to be just as hectic - big, scary words like FINAL MAJOR PROJECT and SELF-PROMOTION - so I think the blog is going to be collecting dust for a while longer...

These shots are from a project I wrapped up and submitted recently. The brief was to create a homage in celebration of something lost, forgotten or under-appreciated so I set myself the task of creating a homage to lost words. A snippet from the book's intro: 'The English language is rich and ever–changing; old words are discarded from dictionaries in favour of new ones. In homage to these forgotten words, over four hundred have been collected into a dictionary once more... The Dictionary of Lost Words is an appreciation of the flexibility and eccentricity of the English language.' I illustrated some of the words throughout the book; these shots show a couple of them...

ONE  montivagant | adj. wandering over hills and mountains

TWO  amourevolous | adj. affectionate; loving

THREE  nepheliad | n. a cloud nymph

FOUR  A sneaky peek at the finished book! I did a little portfolio photoshoot last week so I'll hopefully be posting up the finished proejct soon...

MORE: see these and other things I'm up to on Dribbble + Instagram.



We're three days into the new year already but a new year post is better late than never, right?

The last year is full of lovely memories. Exploring Cornwall in the summer. James graduating in November (with a first and university prize, the clever clogs!) Some awesome live music: Muse in May, Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard, Haim and Vampire Weekend at the Olympic Park in July and Arctic Monkeys in October. Achieving really good marks for my second year (passing it at all!) and finally feeling like I can do it. Meeting some cool new people. And more recently, having a lovely festive month with all the family. 2013: you didn't do too badly at all.

2014 brings new adventures. It's going to be a pretty big year - completing my final ever semester of university, exhibiting my work, graduating and then diving into the 'real world' of job-hunting and other grown-up things is all exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. 2014 is the year that everything begins; who knows where I will be and what I will be doing this time next year?!

I think what is most nerve-racking is that this is the first year of my life where I don't know what to expect from the year ahead at all. All I know is from now until May there is a lot of work ahead to complete my degree... And then the rest of life awaits. So for now all I can do is work hard, fill up my portfolio with work I'm proud of, enjoy my final semester and take everything as it comes.

Of course as well as all that: there are new places to explore, new things to try, plans and dreams to fulfil, bands to see live, yummy food to eat (including a ton of chocolate from Christmas to finish - I'm not complaining), and these never-happening plans for this blog and the website... Well, finally happening.

I don't really 'do' them, but as far as resolutions go: it's to enjoy the adventure, whatever it brings.
So, Happy New Year! Here's to 2014 and new adventures!

PHOTO BY: James Warren


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It's been quiet around here for a while now. I've been busy concentrating on my first semester of third year - the dissertation is finally over and submitted but I still have two design projects to finish for January. Saying all that, it's nice to have a few days off at home to relax (and eat lots of food)!

Merry Christmas! I hope it's a relaxing and fun one :)
I'll see you in the New Year!

+ to see what I'm up to between now and then, pop by my Instagram and Dribbble.



I just came across this beautiful branding project for Food& by Passport, and had to share it. Food& also looks like a great concept: 'a platform that would allow talented individuals, creatives, cooks and makers to collaborate and share their skills and stories with the world.' It's subtle and minimal and I love the choice of colours and materials, and the touch of illustration in the menu. Plus the styling of these portfolio photographs is beautiful! Take a look at the whole project here.

IMAGES / DESIGN: by Passport


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...from my desk.

There are lots of other things on my desk at the moment; paper full of notes and mind maps for my first brief of third year, a sketchbook for the project (that I just can't seem to get started on the clean sheets), attempts at some thoughts on my dissertation, post-it notes and to-do lists. My final year of university has well and truly kicked in. But these are some of my favourite things when I'm working (apart from my Wacom Intuos 4 - he wouldn't fit in the photo): stationery and notebooks (I'm addicted), pens and pencils and my glasses. I've just got to stick on some music and get working. (Tunes of choice at the moment: Arctic Monkeys' AM and Haim's Days Are Gone.)

P.S. look, I made my very first gif! ;)